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EPS China Statistics

EPS China Statistics includes 40 databases of China statistical and census data, covering various subjects/industries and all regions of China.

EPS China Statistics contains time series of over 200,000 basic indicators and over 1.2 million combined indicators. Annual increment of China data is over 55 million numeric data. So far, the EPS Data Platform includes a total of over 4 billion numeric data (including China and world data).

EPS China Statistics features:
- Much larger collection of China statistical data and census data
- More comprehensive coverage of various subjects and fields
- Wider and deeper coverage of all China regions
- More historical data and timely-added new data
- Macro and micro data, yearly, quarterly and monthly data, published and non-published data
- Only service in China presenting data totally in form of Time Series Data for convenience of data processing and analysis
- Stable and authoritative sources and reliable data
- Timely updated databases and usually publishing new data much earlier than any other online platforms
- One-Stop Service Platform for data retrieval, processing, analysis and forecasting, visualization display, data export
- Efficient Cross-Database Search
- Both English and Chinese versions

  Database Title Updating Frequency
01- China Civil Affairs Statistics Yearly, 1950-2014
02- China Finance Statistics Monthly, 2000-2015
03- China Fiscal and Taxation Statistics Quarterly, 1950-2015
04- China Investment in Fixed Assets Statistics Monthly, 1950-2016
05- China Labor Economy Statistics Yearly, 1950-2014
06- China Listed Company Statistics Monthly, 1999-2016
07- China Macro Economy Statistics Monthly, 1995-2016
08- China Commodity Exchange Market Statistics Yearly, 2000-2014
09- China Commodity Trade Statistics Monthly, 2002-2015
10- China Foreign Economy Statistics Monthly, 1979-2016
11- China Industry Trade Statistics Quarterly, 2009-2015
12- China Regional Trade Statistics Monthly, 2005-2016
13- China Trade Index Statistics Monthly, 2005-2015
14- China Beijing Social Development Statistics Yearly, 1995-2014
15- China Chongqing Social Development Statistics Yearly, 1999-2014
16- China City Statistics Yearly, 1990-2014
17- China Inner Mongolia Social Development Statistics Yearly, 1947-2013
18- China Regional Economy Statistics Yearly, 2000-2014
19- China Urban-Rural Construction Statistics Yearly, 1978-2014
20- China Agricultural Products Cost-Benefit Statistics Yearly, 1978-2014
21- China Agriculture and Forestry Statistics Monthly, 1978-2014
22- China Agriculture, Rural Areas and Peasantry Statistics Yearly, 1990-2014
23- China Industrial Business Performance Statistics Monthly, 2001-2015
24- China Industrial Product Output Statistics Monthly, 1999-2015
25- China Industry Economy Statistics Yearly, 1952-2014
26- China Industry Sector Statistics Monthly, 2001-2015
27- China Education Statistics Monthly, 1996-2016
28- China Health Statistics Monthly, 1949-2016
29- China High Technology Industry Statistics Yearly, 1995-2014
30- China Science and Technology Statistics Yearly, 1987-2014
31- China Energy Statistics Yearly, 1991-2014
32- China Environment Statistics Yearly, 1993-2014
33- China Land and Resources Statistics Yearly, 1999-2013
34- China Marine Statistics Yearly, 1978-2013
35- China Water Conservancy Statistics Yearly, 1995-2014
36- China Construction Industry Statistics Quarterly, 1997-2016
37- China Real Estate Statistics Monthly, 1997-2016
38- China Tertiary Industry Statistics Yearly, 1991-2014
39- China Tourism Statistics Yearly, 1998-2013
40- China Transportation Statistics Monthly, 1985-2016

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