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Wanfang Data, an affiliate of the Chinese Ministry of Science & Technology, provides access to a wide range of database resources, serving as a gateway to Chinese culture, medicine, business, science, engineering, etc.

Wanfang Data Knowledge Service Platform
 Journal articles: over 30 million
 Dissertations: nearly 3.15 million
 Conference papers: over 2.7 million
 Economic statistical data: 1949 to present
 Videos: 25,100
 Laws: 761,801
 Chinese local gazetteers: over 7.7 million
 Institutions: 202,501
 Experts: 12,120
 Patents: nearly 44.7 million
 Standards: 387,971
 E-books: 48,352
 Research projects: 828,449
 Authors: over 10.98 million
 English papers: 30.7 million

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