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Using the Databases


You can browse the database content on "Browse" page by subject. For COJ, you can use this function to browse each journal title in the same manner as for print copies. Search function is also provided to quickly locate a specified journal title.


Two different methods have been provided for searching the individual databse - Quick Search and ADVANCED Search.

Which Search to Choose?
Use Quick Search for a search as simple or complex as you like.
Use Advanced Search to combine search terms and specific limits.

Input Your Search Terms:
Our search engine is NOT case sensitive. All letters, regardless of how you type them, will be understood as lower case. For example, searches for "China", "CHINA" will all return the same results

Phrase searches
By default, the phrase you inputted will be treated as separated words. For example, the search term "中国" will be the same as searching for the appearance of "中" or “国” or “中国”. Sometimes, however, you maybe only interested in the results that include an exact phrase. In this case, simply put quotation marks around your search terms, such as "中国",“Chinese studies”. Phrase searches are particularly effective if you're searching for author names or paper titles.

Focusing Your Search
Using Fields
Using the field drop-down menu, you can specify the location the search term appears, such as the TITLE field. Most databases contain a Title field, an Author field, an Institution field, a Keyword field and an Abstract field so that you can search for these information in the Cross-Database Search..

Setting Search Limits
Some databases (COJ, ECOJ, DOC, ACIC, ECIC) provide subject fields, which let you limit your searches in specific subjects. We also provided time limits to specify the publication time.

Cross-Database Searching

To search multiple databases simultaneously, you can try our Cross-Databse Searching, which reduce the amount of time spent searching each database individually and can open up a number of new information sources to you.

The search records in the Cross-Database Search are grouped by database. Links are provided at the right of the list so the user can jump to the results for any database.


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